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  • Broadband telephone wire/Telephone line
    This cable is using in the user terminal equipment to the cable junction box both in the outdoor drop in and indoor usage. In order to satisfy different requirements, this cable define  STP& UTP ...more
  • LAN Cable/Networking cable
    The lan cable use in digital communication, which useing in the cabling between the communication lead out end and the connect area wire frame in the building or ...more
  • Coaxial Cables/Coaxial Line
    This coaxial cable suitable for using in publical antenna, closed circuit television monitorng system, radio communications, transmission system and  useing in internal wiring ...more
  • Drop Wire/Lead-in wire
    Type DW is an insulated conductor composed by two parallel solid copper-clad wire 18 AWG gauge;wrie are segregated by an insulation of either low density polyethylene ...more
  • Telecommunication twisted pair wire/Twisted pair cable
    Twisted pair communication line mainly used for audio signal transmission, can also be used for below 2048 kbit/s the digital signal transmission, under certain conditions ...more
  • Optical Fiber Cable/Fiber Optic Cable
    The structure of  fiber optic cable is single-mode optical fiber Or multi-mode fiber directly coating the high tight fiber material to made the tight coating fiber. The fiber optic cable uses ...more
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